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Join in the FUN with these interactive activities:

Throughout The Show: 
Sing along, dance along, and re-live your favorite scenes! Whever Dawn enter the scene, yell "SHUT UP DAWN!". Whenever Spike enters the scene, yell "BITE ME!".

"Going Through The Motions": 
You're just getting warmed up, get those pipes flowing and sing along with Buffy. Wave your MONSTER FINGER PUPPET when the bad guys line dance.

Make Bunny ears to scare Anya. 

They Got The Mustard Out: 
Wave your MUSTARD PACKET in the air (don't squirt it, please, cause we actually can't get the mustard out!).

I'm Under Your Spell: 
Us your BUBBLES to show Willow and Tara's erotic passion. By the end you best be blowing those bubbles really fast. 

I'll Never Tell: 
Get in the aisles and...look at you! You're dancing crazy!

The Parking Tickets: 
Wave your PARKING CITATION at Marti Noxon, and sing extra loud the missing last line, "Hey I'm not wearing underwear!"

Rest In Peace: 
Put in those VAMPIRE TEETH and sing Spike's widdle song. See how hard it is to be a character actor in Sunnydale?

Dawn's Lament: 
Scream real loud when creepy puppet-face appears.

What You Feel: 
Snap your fingers in time to Sweet's artful tapping. When sweet makes magic happen, say "PAH!".

Giles ballad makes us so sad. Have those TISSUES ready.

Dwan's In Trouble...It must be Tuesday: 
Reply by yelling "EIGHT O'CLOCK!" 

Walk Through The Fire: 
Wave the PAPER FLAMES in the air when the fire trucks pass. The whole theature will look like it's on fire! Sort of... (no real flames, too dangerous!) 

Something To Sing About: 
When Giles sends in "backup" EVERYONE STAND UP and really belt it out! Don't forget those spirit fingers!

When Buffy hits her refrain, prepare your KAZOOS and hum along as she tries to hit that high note: "I think I was in heeeaaaven"

What You Feel Reprise: 
Join in as loud as you can when Sweet says the title: "ONCE MORE WITH FEELING". 

Where Do We Go From Here: 
Grab hands with your neighbors and go hand in hand. C'mon, just do it. 

Grr! ARgh!: 
Put on your MONSTER FINGER PUPPET and join in with Joss himself for a little of the old "Grr Argh". 




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